Smoking Cessation

Smoking kills an estimated 100,000 people each year

Key points:

  • Tobacco contains many harmful carcinogens and toxicants, as well as the highly addictive chemical, nicotine
  • There is considerable confusion surrounding nicotine, with 90% of non-smokers and 78% of smokers believing it is harmful to health
  • We have seen a proliferation of non-tobacco nicotine containing products (NCPs) offering much safer sources of nicotine

Calls to action:

  • Introduction of a smoking exclusion zone around schools, bars and restaurants
  • Mandatory sale of non-tobacco NCPs in all outlets selling combustible tobacco products
  • Greater utilisation of e-cigarettes by smoking cessation services
  • Licensing of all purveyors of combustible tobacco products
  • Stop calling the product an e-cigarette

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Tobacco related deaths this year


Our research revealed 90% of the public still regard nicotine itself as harmful

We are now calling for measures to promote safer forms of nicotine products to smokers and make it harder to use tobacco.

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