The Youth Health Movement ( website is a national hub for young people and youth organisations, and its aim is to provide young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to act as peer mentors, increasing awareness of healthy lifestyles and encouraging involvement in activities to promote good health. It also provides the opportunity for young people and youth leaders to network and share ideas.

An integral part of the movement is the Certificate for Youth Health Champions, RSPH's accredited qualification which can be delivered either as a programme with supporting campaigns or as a stand alone qualification.

The website offers information on a variety of ways to help in promoting peer to peer youth health including:

  • Local authorities to be given greater planning powers to prevent the proliferation of betting shops, payday lenders and fast food outlets
  • Public health criteria to be a condition of licensing for all types of business
  • Mandatory food hygiene ratings linked to calorie and nutrition labelling for fast food outlets
  • A limit of 5% of each type of business on a high street in order to avoid oversaturation and provide affordable choice
  • Legislation to enable local councils to set their own differential business rates to encourage healthier outlets and discourage those that are detrimental to health.